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Are you feeling stuck, unsure of what you want now or next in your life? Are you looking for an experienced coach and someone knowledgeable about eating disorder recovery who can support or guide you in determining a direction as you get your life back on track?  Then coaching may be the right support for you. 

Coaching  answers the "how" of moving forward.  It will equip you with the strategies, the tools and the support  that will guide you forward in the direction YOU want to go,  based  on  YOUR  needs, YOUR desires and YOUR  goals.                                                                          

As a skilled and experienced Life Coach, I coach recovering/recovered clients when goals  are no longer treatment-focused but are focused on every day life goals, career direction and hopes.  Whether you are recovering on your own, are fresh out of treatment, in therapy, are years recovered, or perhaps never had an eating disorder at all but are stuck in taking steps forward in areas of your life, coaching is an empowering and supportive relationship that can help. 

I work with you in determining or clarifying what you want.  We will identify the roadblocks that keep you stuck and indentify the steps that will help you move past them.   We will create a realistic plan pulling on your strengths, your interests and your abilities. In coaching, it's always about what YOU want.

If  you are still uncertain  if or how coaching can be of help to you, please pick up the phone and call or email me. I'm happy to answer your questions and provide you the information you need.  

I offer a free phone consultation. There  is never a cost or obligation to finding out more about coaching and moving forward in your life.

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The focus is on having a life, not on having an illness.