... it's about having a Life."

Board Certified: Personal/Life Coach; Health & Wellness Coach; Career Coach
Specializing in: Transitions, Eating Disorder Recovery 

 Cindy Nappa Bitter, BCC CLC BSC

Professional Affiliations:

CCE - #BCC849, Board Certified Coach, Founding Member Coach 2012, 2017
Academy for Eating Disorders, Professional Member 2000 - 2017
International Coaching Federation, Professional Member Coach 1999 - 2012
Rochester Coaching Alliance, Professional Member Coach 1999 - 2010
Certified Mentor Coach, TBI Progam, Mt.Sinai Hospital, Mentor Coach 2001
American Health Information Management Association (Accredited Record Technologist), Professional Member 1989 - 1994

Cindy J. Nappa Bitter, is a Board Certified, nationally known Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Author. Cindy specializes in Life Coaching for adults in eating disorder recovery, transitions and more.  She provides expert coaching guidance and compassionate support to individuals who are making positive changes in their life.

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Cindy is the creator of  J.O.U.R.N.E.Y. Just One person Understanding Recovery, Nurtures and Empowers You©  and IT'S ABOUT LIFE© eating disorder recovery life coaching groups and training for coaching professionals. 

Cindy began mentoring and coaching adults recovering from eating disorders in the early 1990's when coaching was not a known support service in the field of eating disorder treatment. [Read more here on Cindy's early start of eating disorder coaching...]  Cindy spent more then thirteen years developing, refining and providing coaching support to recovering adults in her community before delivering it globally to eating disorder healthcare professionals. 

In 2006, Cindy was the first person to introduce life coaching to an international audience of eating disorder treatment providers when she presented at The 2006 Renfrew Foundation Annual Eating Disorder Conference (Philadelphia PA). Over the years, she continued to present  at international eating disorder conferences,  treatment facilities, health programs, businesses and community events nationwide and in Canada. Since then, eating disorder treatment services have added coaching support through the use of peer coaches and recovery coaches.  

Today, Cindy continues to be a positive and empowering coaching support to her clients across the globe, as they go through and beyond recovery. She strives to provide value-driven life coaching guidance and Hope to her clients. She inspires them to be the author of your own life story. When they do this, they turn the Process of Recovery into a Journey of Discovery.

                                                                            Coaching Services are:

  • Individualized. Professional. Confidential. And Fun!
  • Evidence-based. Strength-Focused. Forward-moving. Growth-Fostering. 
  • Empowering.  Your choices. Your wants. Your life. You will learn more about yourself, including what roadblocks you and help you  improve your personal and professional successes.
  • Based on 25 years of professional coaching.  Positive support, expert guidance, practical/informative strategies, life skills development, and always Hope.
  • Transforming. You will gain increased self-awareness,  the tools, the insights, and the structure. 
  • Powerful.  You cannot fail in coaching. What you learn and achieve is yours...you will have it always.
  • Educational.  Training. Workshops. Mentor Coaching.  Professional skills development for coaches and helping professionals.                               

Over these last 25 years,

Cindy has become more then a leading Life Coach  

She is a tireless mentor and advocate for  thousands of individuals and families world-wide.

She set the direction and meaning for coaching suppport during eating disorder recovery, transitions, and more.

Professional Coaching Services

Coaching areas:
♦ Eating Disorder Recovery Support
♦ Transitions
♦ Health, Wellness
♦ Life Skills/Personal Development
♦ Career/ Professional Development
♦ and more...


Coaching for individuals making positive changes in recovery and in Life. 

"It's not about having an eating disorder...

   Recovering from an eating disorder is not just about getting over the behaviors and the past. 

It's about creating and moving into the future you want.


Coaching can help.