What to Expect from the Coach and Coaching

As Your Life Coach, I will:


1. Be Open-Minded.  Follow your Agenda. This is about what YOU want as you figure out what you want and help you prepare for present and future direction.  My role is to be an honest, knowledgeable, and trusting Life Coach. The desire, choices, direction, and agenda are yours. When you set goals based on what YOU want, the results are fulfilling, empowering, and permanent.

2.  Listen. Support. Guide. Based on 26 years of professional training and experiences.   You will learn more about yourself, including what roadblocks you, what motivates you and what you can do to increase your personal growth and professional successes.  I will listen, understand and challenge you, as well as bring new or fresh perspectives, provide appropriate and relevant coaching tools, and make requests that are all based on what you need to move forward in your recovery and in your life. 

3. Lead by example. Be supportive, encouraging, and respectful.  I “walk the talk.” I honor and abide by the Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics for both the Board Certified Coaches Code of Ethics and the International Coaching Federation Coaching Code of Ethics. These are the ethics, values and the gold standard for best coaching practice and evidence-based coaching professionalism you will receive from me as your Coach.

4. Be Trustworthy, Honest and ConfidentialCoaching can be a short-term or a long-term relationship. The timetable is your own. Successful relationships need time to build a climate of trust that will create an environment in which you can share the issues that may/can impact on your success. 

5. Share wisdom, humility, and truth.  As your coach, I want you to be successful in all the ways you desire that are honest, achievable and realistic for you. 

6. Be Dependable. I show up.  Always. You can depend on me to be on time, available and accessible for all coaching sessions and throughout the coaching relationship and experience. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As the one being coached, you will:

1. Share the Responsibility.  Coaching is a shared job. Being coached requires you to “show up,” be flexible, honest, open and receptive to feedback and insight. It’s up to you to be willing and able to take the actions required as you look ahead and move in a forward direction that YOU want and create.

2. Be Rewarded.  You will receive a positive coaching experience of empowerment, support, and  guidance. You will leave coaching with more information, strategies, forward movement and always, hope.

Coaching is about....