Put yourself on the pathway of Creating a Meaningful life, on Purpose and with Intention!

Staying on the the pathway through recovery and into a life without an eating disorder illness can be challenging and complex. HopeLines Coaching and Consulting Services opened with the intent of helping people find their way through recovery, providing real hope, information, support and  realistic guidance empowering clients forward  allowing for a better outlook on eating disorder recovery and life. It is about moving forward, not staying stuck in illness.  Cindy places equal importance on helping you find your unique pathway that propels you forward into creating and having a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

HopeLines started back in the early 1990's as a resource of hope, support and experienced coaching guidance for adults struggling with/recovering from an eating disorder. For 25 years, it's main purpose and focus is to be a dependable, consistent and professional Coaching service providing positive, informative and practical guidance that helps people clarify what they want now or next, create realistic plans that will help them achieve their goals. 

Coaching's Purpose and HopeLines Mission

Real Hope. For Individuals Desiring and Deserving a Recovered Life.            

To provide life coaching support, facilitate positive change and guidance to adults recovering from an eating disorder and in transition. Encourage them, empower them to develop and create the life they want (without the eating disorder illness).