The purpose of this page is to "pass it forward"  life skills, practical strategies, information and recovery hopes that have helped so many of my clients and family members for over 26 years. 

These incredible clients, along with my own many years of living a recovered life, has rewarded me with the type of "learned wisdom" that  can only come from lived experiences

Coaching Tools

...passing it forward

Please Note:  What you won't find here:  Medical, treatment, therapy, or clinical information and eating/food suggestions.  These are treatment areas that are best addressed by physicians and clinical treatment providers. 

Please contact your physician or other healthcare provider for specific medical or treatment advice.

1. The Recovery J.O.U.R.N.E.Y.© 

        » Handout: Process of Recovery   
      » Handout: Trailblazing A New Pathway 
      » Handout: Know Your No's
      » Article:   Truth About Recovery (Nappa Bitter. Perspectives. 2008)   


2. Powerful Coaching Questions (PCQs)

One of coachings most powerful skills and tools is the question.  I like to think of these as "powerful coaching questions (PCQs)". They are a type of descriptive, visual language that can help a person get started, perhaps challenge a perspective (or belief) that has kept them stuck, offer a new perspective, and push us to think through problems and difficult times.  Coaching questions encourage solution-focused thinking and elicits some of the most powerful, positive shifts I have seen in a person's motivation and ability for change. 

The following Coaching Questions can help you get started, as you move away from an illness focused existence into a more fulfilling, happier life/style.   

        » PCQs 2. Values and Goals. Values and Goals play important role in recovery with creating, building and             having healthier lives. Values are like a compass in our life. Our values can guide us, increase our personal satisfaction, our sense of well-being and feeling good about ourselves. Use values to help you with decision-making, choices and helping us set our personal standards. Honor your values. Let them be your personal compass guiding you through your recovery journey and life.                                                                     
        » PCQs 3. Evaluate your Goal:  What do I need to achieve in order to get what I want?         


Below are some of the materials (questions, information, suggestions, tips, worksheets, and more)  I developed and used in my J.O.U.R.N.E.Y.© coaching groups and individual clientele. I hope you find them as helpful as they have.

In coaching, we refer to these types of materials  as "tools" in our Coach's Toolbox.    Some of this information may be well-known to you, while other information may be new.   I will update this page on a regular basis. So check back, as you never know when something will resonate for you at a time you most need it. 

And, if you know of others who you think can benefit as well,  please share it with them. It is in this manner that we all can "pass it forward."


Coaching handouts, questions, worksheets were developed and used by coaching clients and J.O.U.R.N.E.Y.© coaching groups. They are for informational and educational purposes only.

These coaching tools are FREE for you to print out and share, because one cannot put a price on hope, encouragement, and empowering individuals

who are working very hard to make their life better.