7. What do I look for in a Coach?

There are many excellent and qualified coaches today.  There are also many different levels of coaches that can be confusing when you are looking for a Coach to work with. The best way is to talk to a Coach directly.  Ask if the Coach has background experience and track record in helping individuals in the areas you are seeking guidance.   While it is not a requirement, if the Coach has been professionally trained by an accredited and approved Coach training program/school (ACTP), it means that the Coach has been trained by the most standarized program/school supported and endorsed by The International Coaching Federation.  ACTP programs and schools follow strict mandatory training requirements to ensure and maintain coaching standards, priniciples and ethics.

If you are seeking coaching support as you transition forward in your recovery, it would be ideal if the Coach you hire in addition to professional coach training, has knowledge and training about the eating disorder illness and recovery process as this plays a crucial role in navigating forward in a positive and successful manner.

When you are working with a Coach,  you want a Coach that actively listens to you, provides the necessary structure you need, gives appropriate support, feedback, perspective and is knowledgeabel in the areas s/he coaches.