5. How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Call the Coach you are interested in working with. Most coaches offer a free phone consultation to help you determine if their coaching service is a good fit for you. 

I always encourage potential clients to call first. The free phone consultation is well-worth your time in further understanding not only if coaching is right for you, but it gives you the opportunity to interview the Coach, get a feel if you are comfortable with them and determine if this is a person who is experienced in the areas you are requesting coaching support.

If you are unsure but would like to give coaching a try, schedule a session and try it.  Even one session can be a positive investment in taking a step forward.  Sometimes it takes  a few sessions or several to settle into the coaching relationship. This allows both you and the Coach to get to know each other,  to develop the confidence and trust that this is the right fit for you. Coaching is all about YOU and helping YOU achieve the goals and lifestyle that YOU want.