1. Who do you coach?

I work with adults* especially those in their 20's and older.  My specialty is transition coaching and eating disorder recovery coaching support. This includes  all stages of change/recovery, no matter how many years of illness a person has struggled. Many of my clients have struggled for  10 years and longer, some as long as 40 years.  

In addition to private practice, I  collaborate with therapists, counselors and physicians and have been a member of treatment teams when the support needs are less about treatment and the focus is on life desires and needs outside of clinical settings.   What matters most is that an individual wants coaching support even if they don't yet know what they want in their life. We make it work, no matter what stage of recovery they are in or where they are in their journey or location.

My clients come to coaching when they are looking for coaching support  with their eating disorder recovery, career or other areas of their life that they are now ready to develop and make changes in.   Often they are stuck in recovery, in transition and are unsure what to do now or next.  

As a Coach, I'm here  to support my clients  during times of transitions, when they are feeling unsure about recovery, if they want more support or other support as they work to move forward and to "normalize" their recovery and their life/style.

* I also work with younger persons/adolescents  on a per request basis. If you have any questions or would like to know more about coaching for the younger adult/adolescent, please call me. I look forward to speaking with you.