10.  Do you offer Mentor Coaching ?

This is HopeLines professional development  service for professional coaches and non-coach helping professionals who are considering or want to add coaching or recovery life coaching to their career goals or their practice. 

I have mentor coached other aspiring and new coaches as well as developed coaching curriculum and job development training materials for career training. 

As a Mentor Coach, I support and assist others in developing and advancing their life coaching skills, especially in the area of transition and recovery life coaching.  I enjoy helping up and coming Coaches and being able to pass on the insights, experiences, and knowledge I learned from decades of coaching  inspiring (and sometimes challenging) those struggling with transitions and recovery. 

I offer this specialized and coaching skill specific training to individuals, groups, healthcare and community organizations who desire this area of learning/training/education.


You may call me directly at 1.585.329.6317.

You can also email your specific questions and information requests to:



"I found my passion and purpose in coaching. You can too."

Yes!  I provide individual mentor coaching and group mentor coaching per request.